Launch of Frodnesa Music Publishing

Great music was shelved during much of the first half of the 20th century, victim to overt, covert and institutionalized racism and misogyny.  I had long dabbled in expensive notation software, but when I happened upon Musescore, I was immediately drawn to its ease of use and accuracy in rendering notation.  I felt that reinvigorating this awesome music by exposing it to a larger audience could aid in some tiny way as a gateway for students to explore the depth and breadth of black and women composers who are rarely heard from while their contemporaries continue to be celebrated. 

One of the most striking things I noticed was the Ohio Music Educators Association's Concert Band Competition List.  It includes 72 works for concert band by 51 composers.  Of those 51 composers, 47 are white men.  While this has no bearing on the quality of the work produced by these men, many of these compositions are spectacular pieces for educating young musicians, it says volumes about the continued inequity and lack of diversity in the U.S.  To put this into perspective, a greater percentage of Presidents of the U.S. have been black (1 out of 45) than the percentage of black composers on the OMEA Concert Band list (1 out of 51).  And, at a time when women lead countries around the world, only 3 have made it onto this list.

Much of the concert literature by black and women composers of the early 20th century was pushed aside by a white, patriarchal society.  Frodnesa opens its site to the dream that we can revive some beautiful, challenging music from those composers who are underappreciated and underserved due to race or gender and the continued echoes of institutionalized racism.

John Asendorf, Founder of Frodnesa Music Publishing

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